Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finest Drug Rehab Center In America

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'...It's easy for a drug addiction treatment center to pay lip service to the importance of luxury. It's harder for that facility to live up to its own standards. The unfortunate truth is that many of the most "exclusive" rehabs for drug addicts in Los Angeles appear far more elegant in their advertising brochures than they are in real life. As should go without saying, these institutions routinely fall short of the recovery promises they make to their clients.

Cliffside administrators, for their part, insist that that sort of failure is unacceptable.

"Recovery for drug addicts is literally a matter of life and death," said Cliffside's Clinical Director. "At Cliffside Malibu, we understand exactly what's at stake for our clients, and we make every effort to ensure the success of the healing process. To do anything less would be a breach of our personal and professional obligations...' (Cliffside Malibu)

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